FitBod Blast #6

Dive Bombers (8reps/2x)

Burpees (10 reps/2x)
Toe Touch Crunches (15reps/2x)
Crap Dips alt. Legs (16/2x)
Plank Tucks in to Tuck Jumps (10 of ea./2x)
Reverse Lunge Shoulder Press Quick (8’s/26rep/2x)

FitBod Blast #5

*Suggested Weight Only
*Can be done @ Gym, Home, etc.
Plank Climb (2) Feet (4) Crosses (4 cycles/2x)
Jump Switch Lunges Arms Up (24 reps/2x)
Corkscrew and Upper and Lower Abs pulse in 3, out 1 (10 of ea./2x)
Plank Side to Side Hops (12ea./2x)
Bent Over Rows (20’s/12/2x)
Leg Lifts Straddled Back Against Wall (15/2x)

FitBod Blast #4

Biceps in Plie (15’s/12-15 reps/2x)

Donkey Kicks Bench (15ea. way/2x)
Jack’s w/ Dumbbell’s (10’s/40/2x)
Jump Switch (3-2-1 back knee) Lunge to Knee Tuck (10lb dumbbell’s/6sets/2x)
Semi-Burpees, no jump, to db Front Raise (8lb dumbbell’s, 10 reps/2x)
Mt. Climber’s hand in Diamond (15 ea. 2x)

FitBod Blast #3

*Suggested Weight Only
*Can be done @ Gym, Home, etc.
Chest Fly (10lb. 15 reps/2x)
Cross Lunge Bench (10 ea. way, 10 knee slams/2x)
Med Ball Sit-Up Toss, Legs @ Tabletop (10lb ball, 15 reps/2x)
Slide Timed (1min./2x)
Knees to Chest Slide (15reps/2x)
Hamstring (crab or flat) Slide (20 reps/2x)